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Had to relate one bad experience with clowns in two words: New Orleans.
By day, you have mimes aplenty in the park, motionless, waiting for tourists to approach before springing to life. Mimes are bad, too -- they're like another species of clown evil, but more nuisance than outright menace, although I certainly wouldn't want to be caught alone in a dark alley with a mime!
The whole Mardi Gras scene is an absolute nightmare, clownwise. There are those harlequin-style clowns and masks all over the place -- you know, those dead ceramic masks? Those are absolutely *everywhere* -- you can't escape them. And worse, if you're tanked, which is the usual state of mind of someone in New Orleans at night, then you're twice as vulnerable to the machinations of the clowns!
One place had shelf after shelf of harlequin dolls -- dolls are bad enough; *clown* dolls are even worse! And worse than that are wind-up clown dolls that go through their routine, their little eyes watching you.
And that doesn't even count the parades, where those damn masks are all over the place. If any city were to be the capital of the Clowniverse, I'd nominate New Orleans.


...danger is often associated with bright colors - eg. the poisonous tree frogs in South America radiate with the colors of a clown... (Editors Note: Very true!! You will find that in the natural world, the majority of things with bright colors are those which are poisonous.. plants, snakes, frogs and even butterflies)


I've hated clowns ever since I saw Poltergeist when I was little. Then, my grandma thought it would be "cute" to get me the clown doll from the movie. It even laughed like the clown in the movie, and everything set it off. Like, it would be sitting on the floor, and the cat would walk by it and it would start laughing all sinisterly, and I would freak out. One day I had enough and buried it in the back yard. I know it sounds psycho, but I was 7. but that's why I've always been scared of them. I can't even go to the circus anymore, because the last time I went, my friends made a clown come talk to me, and I freaked out. I never knew this many other people hated clowns. its good to know.

-Dayna Day

It is not easy to like clowns when John Gacy lived so close.
Here is a true tale:

I was walking down Canal St. in New Orleans. It was about 10:00 in the evening. The street was full of families and others. I found myself walking behind a wirey young man who had long dirty hair and a gate to his step that suggested he was a punk, looking for trouble. I kept my eye on him. About a half a block ahead of us a clown came around the corner. About 5'10", Blue clown outfit with polka-dots, of course. He was minding his own business. Not really "clowning" for anyone on the street. The Ner-do-well and the clown got closer to one another on the street. At the last possible moment before they would have passed, the ner-do-well hopped to his left and sucker punched the clown right in the face. The clown fell, the punk ran. Once on the ground the clown bellowed "What the Fuck!!!". Completely ignoring the families and children around. The punk got away. The clown got a bloody nose. (Ed. Note: GET A PUNCHING BAG!! 'Dislike/Fear' and 'Violence Towards' are two completely different things.)

-Roger Johnson -Midwestern Clown Loather

My aversion for clowns began in childhood with commercials for McDonald's shown between cartoons on Saturday morning. Ronald and all his pals seemed unnatural and tacky. In fact the ads were such a turn-off that I have always stayed away from McDonald's. Other people can't believe I don't eat at McDonald's but the Ronald image is so perverted I loose my appetite. Seeing clowns at parades and fairs freaked me out and I would want to leave right away. And clowns continued to freak me out into adulthood. One day as I was driving from one end of town to the other, I was followed by a clown in his car. Every time I looked in the rear view mirror, the bastard would wave in this slow, weird way and grin. I almost had a heart attack. Then one time I had the great misfortune to shop at a Wal-Mart for office supplies during a grand re-opening (it had just turned into a supercenter). As I was wandering around, looking for fax paper, I heard a nasal voice in my ear: "Are you lost, honey?" I turned around and there was a big CLOWN standing right next to me, red fright wig, oversized bow tie, evil leer and all. Needless to say I got the hell out of there! And recently a friend told me that her flunking a test was due to the fact that she saw a clown walking along the highway on her way to school. That would be a disturbing sight.


I have to agree that clowns are but sick, twisted caricatures put on earth to fundamentally disturb the impressionable. I have always been disgusted by clowns, so you can imagine how upset I was when, at age 16, my mom volunteered me to be the clown at our local fair. The clown position was a sort of rotating position done by different people in two hour shifts. I did everything I could to worm out of it, but under penalty of severe grounding I relented. It was humiliating. I had to sit in this oven of a room for an hour while slabs of slimy grease were smeared onto my face. Once it was complete though, I began to sense the appeal to professional clowners... I emerged onto the fairground and immediately freaked out this kid standing by the door. This went on for the full two hours. I would walk up to a kid and let loose a forced, twisted laugh, leaning down at a menacing angle, and all the kids would get this furrowed brow. Their pupils would dilate, and they would form a scream deep in their lungs. I had free reign to terrorize a few acres of kids, and their parents sat impotently by, due to some unwritten assumption that clowns are good and shouldn't be opposed. The power was seductive, and I was at the age that I knew and despised many of the brats. Needless to say, I was never again asked to play the part of the clown.


Clowns suck. When I was about 10 years old I joined a fife and drum band that marched in parades every weekend. Before I even learned to play the fife, the group made me be in the parade so it would look like they had more people. So I was just supposed to walk in the middle of the group and fake it. Well, everything was going fine until some stupid clown came right into the middle of our group and put his big ugly ear up to my fife. When he discovered I was not really playing, he laughed a sinister laugh and proceeded to skip around our group for the remainder of the parade informing every spectator along the way that I was faking. Needless to say I was mortified. From that day on I have hated and feared all clowns and clown-type things.


What I freak I have been. For years I have been labeled abnormal due to my fear of clowns and circuses in general. Somehow seeing animals treated that way never seemed very funny or entertaining, I think it is sad. Especially because before the show the clowns would come out and mess with the children in the audience. This should be illegal. I would cry if they even came near our seats, needless to say my parents stopped taking me. I remember first recognizing being terrified of clowns when I was around 6 or so. I was staying up late to watch Fantasy Island, it came on after Love Boat. Anyway, if you remember the show had different stories that you followed. Well one was about this woman who had to stay in this haunted house and as you guessed it, one of the hauntings was by a clown. It scared the hell out of me, as if Fantasy Island wasn't scary enough. The local mall has a clown located on the first floor at the end of the escalators who does balloon animals. If he is working I will walk to the other end of the mall so I don't have to descend the escalator and end up right in front of him. Even now that I am 25 years old when I find myself in the company of a clown at a fair or something I have to leave, I can't even look at them. I know that behind the freak face is a guy who wouldn't think twice about wrapping his gloved hands around my throat while slitting me from end to end only to leave me gurgling for breath.

-Kristi Frisch

Ever since i can remember I have hated clowns. I don't know why, but I thing the intense aversion can most likely be attributed to some childhood trauma involving clowns that i have subsequently repressed. Either way, they scare me. My band is playing at a Halloween Show on halloween, and everyone is required to wear a costume to get in. However, because I refused to play if there was even ONE clown in the room, there is a strict ban on people in clown costumes at the show. I feel like i have done my part as a good citizen of the world to protect not only myself, but many of my peers, from having Halloween ruined by some freaky looking dork in big polka dotted pants, a ronald McDonald 'fro, and make up which is eclipsed in horridness possibly only by michael jackson's. I shall continue to do anything and everything in my power to work against clowns and anything related to them.


I was just watching an old "Blossom" episode with my 7-yr old, who had no previous fear of clowns, and here is the script as follows:
...a very obviously drunken clown named Frosty shows up at the Russo house looking for Blueberry Lane....
Frosty: "So, are you going to help me find Blueberry Lane or not? There's a bunch of little kids there with frowns on their faces. And if clowns hate one thing.... it's little kids!"
My son was appalled!! He kept asking me if clowns really hate little kids! Oh, and one more note to add....
In the Disney Sing-A-Long Songs tape (video)"Let's Go To The Circus", it begins with a bunch of unchaperoned kids outside the circus. A CLOWN approaches and says, "Hey kids, wanna come backstage with me?" I find this utterly repulsive. It makes my skin crawl every time I see it. (oh, and of course, the kids just follow the EVIL CLOWN backstage... ugh!!!!)


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