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What a great day this is for me... to finally find others who share my loathing and fear of clowns!!! I think I've been afraid of clowns since I was @ 6 or 7. I remember that my mom had taken me and some other kids to see Ronald McDonald, live and in person. It was in the middle of summer, late afternoon, and it was HOT!!! We all waited in anticipation to get a glimpse of Ronald and to maybe even say hi. Finally, Ronald showed up and he was very frightening. He had this mean look on his face, as if he resented all of us. He was also sweating profusely. Not glistening or damp, this clown was sweating so badly that I remember his white clown makeup was beginning to drip off of his face. When I was finally close enough to Ronald to say hello, get a candy, whatever, I was terrified! He looked at me, kind of growled a greeting and I froze. All I wanted was to get away from this guy. I started crying and the rest is history. I think clowns have got to be the freakiest, most demented interpretations of happiness and fun. They're NOT funny and they're not cute. Thanks so much for an excuse to vent my clownophobia!!


When I was in the 4th grade, my babysitter had a variety of scary movies. Every Friday, Her daughter and I got to watch one. I had never thought that clowns were bad until one Friday i picked out Clownhouse. I swear, to this day, I can not go to parades with clowns, Circus', or be by an open window without thinking a big, ugly, painted, bloody-mouthed, killer clown will suddenly appear. I actually have panic attacks whenever I see clowns! I'm talking sweating, dizziness, blurry vision, weak knees, adrenaline overdrive, insomnia causing panic attacks. Clowns should be illegal.


Question: which is more terrifying: the clown itself, or the clown that breaks character? I don't have the answer, but I will submit this story, second-hand, for your consideration...
A close friend of mine is a Scottish Rite Freemason (seems normal . . .) and was working a hot dog/bratwurst stand which his lodge had set up as part of a local street/neighborhood festival earlier this summer. Yes, you guessed it - there were a certain amount of clowns present. My friend, incidentally, does not claim any phobic fear of clowns, and, as a matter of fact, is not a small man, capable of 'taking care of himself'.
At one point in the afternoon, my friend noticed a clown surrounded by a small group of children, gathered right near his stand. My friend noticed that the clown was treating one young black boy differently than the rest of the kids (white). Verging on ignoring the kid, by the sound of it. I don't know if the child had a sense that this was the case or not, but apparently he was tugging and pulling at the clown's outfit, annoying him as he was 'entertaining' the other young ones.
That the clown was apparently a racist ( like a clown alone isn't bad enough...) was not sitting well with my friend, but not wanting to bring this into clear focus for the boy, he began to egg the child on, telling him, "Go ahead, step on his shoes! Look at those shoes! Step on 'em, kid!" This, the kid did, smilingly, jumping on the annoyed clowns big, dumb shoes.
Eventually, the boy's mother rounded him up and the crowd moved off to a different part of the parade. At this point, almost unnoticed by my friend, the clown in question, walked back over to him, and said, I quote, "I don't ever want to f#%$ing hear you tellin' some kid to jump on my shoes! You know how much these shoes COST?? Watch yourself, pal," and walked away.
My friend was frozen in place with fear. Never said a word.

sincerely, -pavlak

During Halloween last year me and my friends went to a haunted house. We took the 20 minute drive to what was supposed to be the best haunted house for halloween time. Well you guessed it their was a clown at the Entrance of the place. Sometimes he would flash a flashlight at people and laugh manically with a psychotic undertone.....wait their really wasn't any undertone. He had a rainbow wig, crude makeup, and costume.
I quickly past and very much wanted to enter all of the fake blood and gore to get out of site from this IT. Well anyway after going though what turned out to be the most lame haunted house I ever been too. I had to confront the clown again. He shined a flashlight in my eyes sort of penetrating my inner fears about clowns. HE looked me straight in my eyes and laughed psychotically as he looked at me. I left a quickly as I could leave. To this day that it the only thing a remember clearly about the haunted house. All after going though seeing SATANIC references, blood, monsters and people jumping out from corners in costumes trying to scare didn't frighten me. But I will never never ever ever forget that smeggin clown.


I think that my fear of clowns stems from the place that my fear of Santa Clause did when I was a small child. To give you some background whenever it was time to have my picture taken with Santa when I was a kid, I'd freak out screaming, crying, kicking, all in all creating mass hysteria in the mall. Reason being, was I was sure this man with his white hair & beard and red suit was following me, and Christ he was everywhere. Some would just say I had an overactive imagination when I was a child, or suffering from an extreme case of paranoia (which I've never been diagnosed with! :-) so they can't prove it!). But I think it was always more than that. Well, anyway, I was never a BIG fan of clowns to begin with, they're loud, obnoxious, and they carry balloons (which I also hate). However, it has now actually become a phobia. Once, when I was at a thing in my town called "Saturday Market" I was walking around looking at all the different things the street merchants were selling. When all of a sudden this guy with big baggy pants, floppy shoes, and make-up that could make the trampiest whore jealous, asks me if I want a balloon shaped like an animal. I calmly say no, and begin to walk away. He grabs my arm, and repeats again "Hey, do you want a balloon shaped like an animal?" now I'm actually beginning to freak out a little bit - he doesn't notice he just keeps on talking "what's your favorite animal? I can make a snake, a poodle, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" Just when I'm about to scream in holy terror, a friend of mine spots me from down the aisle and calls to me. I ran to her like she was a lighthouse beacon, and I'd been stuck out at sea for months in a little rubber raft. When I turned around to look back my assailant was gone. However, later in the day as I continued my shopping, I would see him from time to time down the ways, staring at me. Now, most would say he was just some bum, who wanted a dollar or two to go by some cigarettes. I can't help to think there was something more to those balloon animals 'cuz when he'd look at me from a distance it was the look of a cult leader who's eying the one who got away. I now fear clowns, and you know what...fear is what keeps you alive sometimes :-)

-Amber -Portland, Oregon

My inborn loathing of clowns made the following a nightmare. I used to work in a small rural hospital in Texas. Since I am also a firefighter, I am on the "Code Red" search team. I was working late in preparation for a health fair sponsored by the hospital the next day. As I was locking up, something triggered the fire alarm, and the overhead announcement placed the alleged fire in a janitorial closet near my department. Whenever the fire alarm triggers, the fire doors are automatically shut to prevent the spread of fire; these doors won't be opened until the alarm is canceled. I checked the closet and there was no fire. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked remarkably like a clown walking down the hallway in my direction. I was sure this was due to long hours, optical illusions or some other quirk. I looked up, and to my horror, a clown that looked incredibly like Pennywise was walking toward me. How he got past the fire door is beyond me (they can not be opened manually once the fire alarm is triggered). Rather than investigate, I retreated back to my department and locked the door. That insidious clown followed me and kept pounding on the department door. I called security to cancel the fire alarm, and to check a report of a suspicious character in the area of the alleged fire. The security guard was there when the fire door opened, and guess what, no clown !!!
A few weeks later, I was questioned by the hospital VP about this incident . It turns out that whoever was in the clown suit reported a "rude" employee who made no attempt to help him when he was trapped in the corridor during the fire alarm. However, I know better, that was no ordinary person, but rather a Pennywise/JW Gacy clown/devil.

-J. George Houston, Texas

Now, I hate clowns and circus folk alike. There is nothing more scary than a clown. NOTHING. Here's my story. I work at the local fast food joint where my job is to hold birthday parties for kids. What my job is, essentially, to act like CLOWN (shudder) without the makeup and stupid clownsuit (though you can sortof classify my uniform as a clownsuit). One day, I did this party that wanted a clown. I refused. I mean, no human being in their RIGHT mind would dress up in clothes meant for Serial Killers. But after a few attempts by a manager, I did it. Reluctantly. So I donned the ugly costume looking somewhat like the mascot of the store. Not mentioning any names. I put on makeup and a poorly fitting bowler hat complete with corny fake flower on the top. The only thing missing was horrible shoes and a cigar or butcher knife. I felt like I had just stepped into the shoes of a cretin. There is nothing more depressing than being a clown. After the makeup, I felt like a different person. I felt like I was hiding from the world. Going out to the birthday party, some kids clapped. **What are these people teaching their kids? Haven't they _EVER_ seen IT?** To my utter HORROR, the birthday girl took one look at me and began to cry. I felt like a complete moron, a jerk, a creep. I wanted to run to the bathroom and smear off the evil hideous smile. I wanted to destroy myself for stooping so low as to use the sadistic inhuman smile of a clown as entertainment value for children. The poor kid.

-Jon C.

For the longest time I thought that clowns were hiding their evil intentions behind all that paint and those fake smiles. When my daughter was about 9 months old we went to a parade. I was sitting on the street curb minding my business when I heard someone ask me, "Would you like a balloon?" I turned my head and there was this frightful clown holding a balloon. My daughter was in the stroller on the other side of me and she started screaming at the sight of the clown. I started trying to do the crab crawl away from him and I started screaming also, but before I could put much distance between me and the freak my husband (no longer) grabbed me and asked me what I thought I was doing making such a scene. I told him that the clown was evil which he did not believe. What really got me was that we lived in a small town and I probably knew the person under the makeup, but that only confirms my belief that evil people hide behind the paint so no one knows just how bad they really are.


I, too, think clowns are evil incarnate. So does my brother and my sister-in-law. I also hate it when people dress up in mascot costumes. Disneyland was a nightmare for me as I had to run away from Mickey Mouse, various dwarves, etc. I have no idea where this all began, but I *hate* clowns. Not the people dressed up as clowns, mind you, but the clown image itself.


ehh. my own opinion on why clowns terrify so many people has to do with the costume itself. as soon as i see someone wearing makeup, or clothes that are clearly a costume, i think that they have something to hide from me. and because so many parents stupidly trust their kids around clowns, i immediately think about Gacy. i mean the potential for evil alone that a clown has is enough to frighten me. my worst exp. with clowns was at a local circus. a clown came up to me while i was in line buying my little brother some cotton candy, and grabbed him by the hand and asked him if he wanted to come with him to "look at the elephants". i freaked and paneled the [email protected]%. the police got mad but the bastard had no right to grab my little brother.


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