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I didn't develop strong opinions about clowns until I was in college. I saw Wavy Gravy in the famous Woodstock film. He didn't wear greasepaint, but he had a kazoo and was harassing these poor acidheads, I'm sure doing irreparable psychological damage. It was then at that moment when all the memories of my early youth, when fun was thrust in my face, came boiling to the surface.
Of everyone I've met who clowned for a living, all have been more defensive than comic book collectors. One women I met claimed that to know her, I had to know her clown persona, it was a truly scary, Hitchcockian split personality experience. Even if you don't find clowns scary, they are at the very least insulting, and the lowest in low brow entertainment. No one over the age of two should find them entertaining. I saw Killer Klowns, Shakes the Clown, and was awakened to the true nature of their ways. Federico Fellini did a late sixties tv special for European television, called appropriately, "Clowns," in which, he describes a childhood experience of the clowns reminding him of large buffoonish characters, noisy and intimidating, not a happy memory.
I think the appropriate punishment for a clown is to flattened by one of their props. My mom hung pictures of them in my bedroom, she thought them to be nostalgic and enduring. I found them mocking and insulting.
Smash them with a giant striped hammer,


What a relief it is to find other's with the same fear of clowns that I have had all my life.My fear didn't start from a movie or anything, it was just that I always thought these things were monsters.How could people possibly laugh at these hideous beasts? My worst clown experience came just a few short years ago( I am now 32), I really had no choice but to take my two young sons to Ringling Bros. circus, even though I detested the idea of going. Everything was ok until the part comes when the head clown went to do his routine....The main part of his act is that he randomly selects several people from the audience to participate with him.As he selected many from the other side of the arena, I felt very safe...then he turned around and headed our way.My heart was beating rapidly as I realized that his eyes were locked with mine.I remember thinking" 10,000 people here and he has to come for me". Mind you, there was no way I was going anywhere with this clown...if I had to physically defend myself, then so be it...Sweat poured down my face as he came closer.Suddenly, I was face to face with IT, THE POLTERGEIST DOLL, and the KILLER CLOWNS all rolled into one.He must have seen the fear and determination in my eyes as he selected the man sitting directly in front of me.Needless to say, I have never gone back again. From then on, my wife has taken the boys to the circus instead of me.Thanks for listening...

-Roger G. -Colonial Heights, VA

Clowns. Evil, grinning, overly happy, disgusting, acid inspired freaks of nature. I too grew up with the likes of Pennywise, the Poltergeist clown and The Killer Klowns, and I believe my adult life has suffered for their acquaintance. Recently, I was working in the Peadiatrics Ward of our local hospital, and low and behold, who should show up to cheer up all the sick kids???? That's right, an entire pack of clowns!! Needless to say, I turned as white as the bedpans and had to leave the room, not to mention the ward as quickly as possible. Why do they feel it is their lifes mission to place smiles (or induce hysteria) on the faces of people around the world.
The clown that most inspired me to see the demons behind the paint, was Pennywise, the infamous Stephan King "IT" clown. What an evil beast that thing was. Another one, that I did not see mentioned in any of the other letters, was the clown with the long arms that strangled people, on the 80's movie, GOULIES. That one scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.

-Lori A. Ontario, Canada

How wonderful to find all of you! I thought I had a problem that was uncommon in this "enlightened" day, but now I realize that I'm not alone... Misery loves company, you understand. I have always been irrationally afraid of clowns. I was once taken to a circus when I was a child, and almost had to go into the ring with one. (It was some sort of promotional thing). Needless to say, when I refused, my mother was shocked, not understanding that I would most likely die of fright if I had to take the hand being held out to me. A big, red-gloved, long fingered hand... Ah, I remember it well... Years passed and I became an adult (supposedly much more mature and rational), when I got a job at a computer firm. Imagine my dismay when I found out that a co-worker moonlighted as a clown!!!! He was the most mean-spirited, sourpuss of a man. Always grumbling and putting people down. This just re-enforced my theory - Clowns are here to destroy human-kind by starting with the children. I am convinced that it's all subliminal. They look kind (to some, excluded me!), but watch out! Who knows what lies behind the make-up!


My story is one not actually involving a physical encounter, but an encounter that leaves a horrible image in the mind. I was driving in the back woods of the rural mountains of North Carolina (what I was actually doing there is another story) alone when I came upon a sight which left plenty to my imagination. The road was next to a stream and I was enjoying the sights at dusk when lo and behold on the other side of the stream stood an obscure and tattered billboard. On the billboard written in a bizarre and sinister font was one word: "Clowns." Next to the word was an arrow pointing to a little dirt road probably leading to some evil clown camp on the bank of the stream. Needless to say, I floored it out of there never looking back, but I can only imagine the horrors that were lurking there streamside. What in the world was going on there and what twisted individual painted that sign?


I live in Sydney, Australia, and there's this clown in Manly (a seaside suburb, popular on weekends). Ooooh, he's a horrible looking prick. He's got these big hairy animal feet on and a big red nose on his hundred year old head, and these big, baggy pants that look like they were made by hand, in the dark. That's the worst thing about him... he's so shabby, he's not a even a professional looking freak, he just rolls out every weekend to live out his evil, slavering fantasies surrounded by children (who I must say have the good sense to stay about a hundred metres from the lecherous old bastard.)


I grew up in Boston in the 80's and i've got to say, that was a heinous place to be if you don't like clowns. During that time, there were several strange and scary men driving unmarked black vans around Boston neighborhoods. I remember standing on the corner by my house with a group of other little 4-7 year olds and the clown stopped his van and came out. He had lollipops in one hand and he leaned over and reached out his other hand and said, "Come 'ere." We were all pretty chill, 'til my older sister shouted, "WAIT! The Clown!!" and that clicked hard and we all booked into the house, insisting that our mom lock every door and window. Simultaneous to my sister's scream was the sound of the cop sirens and that ugly man with that heinous multicolored wig booked too. He/They were very active in my town. I remember also being evacuated from the playground on 2 different occasion b/c the cops were again on the chase. I also have a friend who lives behind a school and said that, as a kid, she saw him running around the schoolyard with a large knife. Anyway, our parents completely deny that this weirdo ever existed. We know he did, tho'. Even my child's creativity could not account for that crazy sense of fashion he had. Clowns are yucky :(


When I was 8, my mom took me to the circus. all through the show, I knew the clowns were eventually going to come up, and I dreaded it. y back started to sweat just thinking about it. Well, they came out, and I swear, all through the show, this one clown kept looking at me. He even pointed once. He looked just like Pennywise. The suit with the little puffballs, the lips...AAAUUUGGGHHH! Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom, so my mom walked me to the door, and reluctantly , I went in. I was in the stall when I heard the door to the bathroom open, then shut. I heard footsteps, HUGE footsteps on the floor. i slowly looked under the door. That's when I say the two big red feet. I screamed. I screamed loud. My mom ran in and got me, and on the way out, I looked back, and the bastard smiled. No, he grinned, a horrible, evil grin. And then he waved his slow "I almost had you" wave.


Yes !!! Clowns are definitely one of the most scary things on earth. I couldn't even bring myself to read through all the stories you have posted. My first experience with a clown was in a book store when i was about 7. I was happily reading Tintin when i hear the news that there is a clown lurking in the store - going around shaking people's hands. I really got scared when I caught a glimpse of this 'monster'. Weird red curly hair with white make up and... you know... Urggggg...spent the rest of my time trying to run away from the clown!! And the next few weeks fearing that there was a clown waiting for me downstairs.
I noticed that in some of your postings, people get this fear after watching a movie. But i think clowns are by nature very scary things. No associations needed. The size of the nose, the makeup, the lips, the hair, the smile - grief...To a kid - it is what a monster looks like.

Just my opinion
-Ann Keong

How wonderful to find people with the proper mindset about clowns. Ever since I was 5 and had my first clown experience, have I known their true intentions. From the moment I saw them enter the center ring at Madison Square Garden(Barnum&Bailey's circus), I knew their was something suspicious about them. No sooner had the show ended and my mother and I began exiting the arena, hand in hand into the empty hallway, that I saw him. There he stood watching, waiting for me. The tallest, ugliest, demon clown ever. He approached me with a vile grimace on his face and took my hand. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, which startled my mother, who picked me up and began too walk briskly away from the clown. As she carried me away, I could see him over her shoulder, he waved goodbye in a slow, deliberate, ominous motion. He knew that I could see his past his facade and into his true (EVIL) nature. Ever since then I have been wary of all clowns. Toys and human alike, just like the ones in the "Killer Klowns", "Poltergeist" and "It" stories(I would also like to mention one other movie that I have viewed on cable numerous times but the name eludes me. It's about three escaped lunatics that dress up as clowns and terrorize a house in the woods occupied by three young boys while their parents are out for the night). Anyways, I have always said that if I ever find myself walking in the woods, in the middle of the night, and a ax-wielding maniac begins to stalk me I could handle it, but if it were an evil clown baring gifts, I would probably die of fear on the spot. Keep up the good work, I love this page.


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