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Movies are fine and all that, but for a truly intimate experience with demonic clowns (Thomas Ligotti), or clowns that represent the purest of evil (Stephen King), you just have to sit down in front of the fireplace with a good read. I would seriously recommend experiencing the small Maine town of Derry, the setting for 'IT' - a good one. The 'Young Readers' listing has a couple of titles meant for children ages 9-12, and the 'Nonfiction' listing contains a few titles regarding the infamous John Wayne Gacy.

Stephen King - IT
Hardcover Paperback

Thomas Ligotti - The Nightmare Factory
If not available, try
(Contains some of the same short stories)

Other Titles:
Young Readers:

  • Clown Killer: A researched account about the John Wayne Gacy murders.
  • Man Who Killed Boys: Another account of the JWG murders - too freaky if you ask me.
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