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I get a lot of angry email (and a lot of really wacked-out email too -- some good drugs being passed around these days apparently) about this site and my views... "why this? why that? why pick on clowns?" The following in no way exhausts my feelings or thoughts, but it gives a quick synopsis...

Let's see.. I've felt uncomfortable around the beastly things ever since I can remember. When I was very young I had an older second cousin who was the _nicest_ person out there - but I wanted absolutely nothing to do with her when she would don her clown garb to march in parades or the like. I knew who it was under the paint - a kind, caring person who was trying to give a little bit of joy to the masses - and yet it scared the crap out of me. So I guess these feelings have been with me forever... It of course didn't help that I read Stephen King's 'IT' when I was in sixth grade (the 1100-page book I could handle - it was the psychological ramifications I wasn't prepared to deal with).

Those are a few of my personal views - we can look elsewhere to find reasons for our fear...

When you look throughout history, it is only recently that clowns have 'evolved' into positive cultural icons. It is believed that the white-painted face first took significance (that I could find anyway) with the ancient Romans to depict hell-spawn; evil spirits raised from the dead to conquer and devour the souls of men. So they essentially had it right waaaaaay back then - why mess with a good thing? Why put a happy face on hell-spawn? Great way to lure the little kiddies.
I've run across many examples of how clown-like entities have been used throughout time to represent the darker side of life and the spiritual world.. sounds like a wonderful research paper for a student to explore, don't you think?

Mother Nature is also a great source to look to when trying to find out why some people are inherently freaked out by these... well.., freaks. Bright colors on animals out in the wild mean 'Danger! Mess with me and I could really #?%$ you up!' From the highly poisonous African Tree Frog to the beautifully delicate Monarch Butterfly, the bright colors are meant to warn potential predators of the impending doom (or at least a really, really bad taste) that would be brought on by interacting with the creature... so some of us just stay away.

Curious as to how this page started? The orginal site consisted of nothing more than the following:

"Hi boys and girls! My name is Mr. Bill and I just LOVE railroad tracks.. Look at me! Playing on the tracks is safe and fun! Please come play with me and if you can't come play with ME, grab your brother or sister and find some tracks in your hometown to play on. HEHEHEHEHE!!! Look at me! Play like me! Clowns are yum yum fun.. and so are these tracks!"

Ok, I found this picture on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal on Tuesday, July 9 1996. I saw this and just about freaked (it doesn't help that I think that clowns are evil incarnate) because it shows this *evil* happy clown playing on RAILROAD TRACKS!!! what the hell is this?? what kind of message does this convey to children?? While the papers are full of articles about people getting killed while playing on the tracks and all that, they're putting this trash on the front page.. is something wrong here?

So, a number of years later it has evolved at least slightly.

Have fun and don't take anything too seriously, ok?
- Jeremy

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