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Welcome to this little clown page...

Stephen King's IT -- official trailer #1. You'll float too.

Target isn't clowning around this Halloween - NY Post LOL

'Clown Hysteria' Spreads to Britain - NY Times
This creepy clown craze is not a laughing matter — NY Post
Scary clown sightings: Video craze sweeps Twitter as mob goes 'hunting' — The Telegraph
Scary clown rumors, threats feed hysteria, leading to school lockdowns, arrests — The Washington Post
What's with all the clowns everywhere? 6 possibilities -

In lieu of any real content updates, here are some clown-related comics from some of my favorite comics around the web:

SMBC comes through again.

AmazingSuperPowers comic!

Explosm comic!

Great SMBC comic.

Another one from Explosm.

A really, really depressing AmazingSuperPowers comic.

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